Mambo Italiano

Sooooo I know lately I’ve blogged more about food than fitness but let’s face it, you need food to fuel your fitness AND food is life !

I love watching any good cooking show and I’m a self confessed addict of the foodnetwork which is a great channel and website supporting all things good food.

It stars celebrity chefs, all sorts of great cooking shows professional and amateur and a whole lot more great content related to awesome food and cooking.

So I settled on the couch last Saturday to watch Ballerina Bertinelli. She is an awesome home gourmet Wizz with an Italian background and the particular episode I caught was called “honey do day”. It was basically an episode featuring her making some amazing and easy enough recipes to bribe her hubby to get stuck into the chores that needed to get done around the house.

Her list wasn’t short but the food she cooked in the episode was amazing. In particular one dish I couldn’t get outa my mind and I was glued to the screen as she made it. 

It was Prosciutto Bruschetta …. I HAD to make it. I HAD to eat it and I wanted it NOW!
That day after my BodyAttack class I was still dreaming about this awesome snack so I grabbed a loaf of crusty bread with a nice soft flesh, some Prosciutto, I big chunk of mozerella, fresh basil and I know I always have olive oil and garlic at home. 
I did the rest of my groceries and headed home to make myself a little piece of Italy!

I cut the bread into slices just under an inch thick, layed them on a baking paper lined tray, drizzled them with olive oil and placed them in my pre-heated oven at 200 c.

After about five minutes then flipped them, drizzled more olive oil on the other side and popped them back for about another three minutes. 

While this was happening I cut my mozerella into generous slices but not too thick. I also cut my fresh basil into ribbons. 

When I pulled the bread out after doing the second side it had a perfect crust protecting the soft dough in the centre and I cut a clove of garlic in half then rubbed it over one side of each slice. 
An awesome smell of warm olive oil and fresh garlic filled my nose and I was in heaven!!!

I then placed a layer of mozerella on each slice of bread and piled some Prosciutto on top. I made sure to be generous with the Prosciutto as this was brunch and I hadn’t eaten since my attack class.

This went back in the oven for around ten to twelve minutes. I kept a close eye on it so it came out perfectly baked with the mozerella creamy and melty and the Prosciutto just the right combination of crispy and soft and chewy.

When done perfectly I showered it with the ribbons of basil and it was good to go … YUMMM

MATE !!!! IT WAS SIMPLY HEAVEN!! I imagined myself sitting at some fancy Al fresco cafe in Italy with the sound of the fountains in the distance and hot Italians walking by. 

My own little piece of Italy and it was HEAVEN !

You can check the detailed recipe on the foodnetwork. I usually make everything bigger and generally double the ingredients. 

If you wanna get a little bit gourmet and you’re looking for a simple place to start give this a try!

I give this recipe a four outta five cos it’s so simple and oh so delicioso !!!

4/5 ****/*


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