Expanding your comfort zone

Ok, so recently I have had a bit of a struggle getting back to a level of fitness I’m happy with. Part of this is down to a love of beer, part of it is a need for me to reconnect with my ‘why’ and recently I realised a big part of it is due to doing the same thing all the time.

When I realised this I made a commitment to myself to start trying different things in the gym and out of the gym that are still working towards getting fitter. I wanted to focus on trying things I haven’t tried before and set a goal of trying just one thing that’s new to me every week. 

You can imagine how lucky I felt when shortly after this I saw notifications for a free Olympic Weight Lifting Workshop with Crux training that was being hosted at my local Fitness First, Fitness First Toowong by a PT I trained with for a few months last year. So I jumped at it. Entered my name on the list and sacrificed one of my weekly BodyAttack classes to try something new on Saturday 25th of March. 

Anyone who knows me knows my love of BodyAttack and missing a class (even though it’s only one) is a big deal. The day crept closer and I had a couple of moments where I thought “maybe I should just go to Attack”. But I stuck to my commitment and rocked up to the workshop a little before 9:45am. I’m pretty confident in general so wasn’t really nervous about introducing myself and registering, then I found a spot on the floor and started with some foam rolling(I suffer from tight calves).

A well mannered gentlemen foam rolling to my right introduced himself to me and I rightly assumed he was as new to Olympic Lifting as me. The number of participants grew steadily leading up to 10 am when it was due to start. There was a great mix of really fit looking guys and girls, right down to people just starting on there fitness journey.

Me personally. I’ve been amazingly fit and in awesome physical shape but now would probably rate myself around a 3 or 4 outa 10 in fitness and keen to see improvements or better yet get back to my peak fitter.

So the host who was as I mentioned previously a PT I had trained with last year and all round strength and fitness enthusiast called us all to gather around him and did his introductions to the session. He didn’t ramble on and on just more of a welcome and this is to help you guys learn technique for Olympic lifting. 

Then he had all participants find enough space, by my count there were 25 of is so we stood in a fairly organised grid and he had us do a couple of body weight squats as he walk around and assigned us each a number. 

By this stage I’d already relaxed into the session and was focused on getting my movements right. So he moved through us assigning a 1, 2, 3 or 4 to each of us. Initially I thought it was to manage us properly and ensure we all got the required coaching and in a way I guess it was but I quickly realised he had also been assessing our movement and mobility so we were grouped with others who moved similarly and displayed the same level of mobility. 

We all lined up under his direction he started moving us through the session. He had some well seasoned helpers to make sure everyone got the attention and follow up coaching needed to help Prefect the technique. I felt so comfortable and all who helped in coaching me in my technique as well as everyone else who attended were absolutely great. 

Now I’ll admit I thought I wasn’t going to get a decent workout from the session but I was so wrong. It lasted 2 hours and I was sweating and feeling the burn from about 20-30 minutes in. They broke the movement down into 4 movements and guided us through progressively not moving on until everyone had each movement down pat. 

It was awesome with great peer support and fantastic guidance and everyone was really respectful of each other – plus I walked away having nailed the basics. I really really affirmed my decision to try something new each week and will continue to do so.

I can see how the professionals get hooked on the technique. Theres a lot to think about and while it’s fairly fast from start position to end, every single lift is like a journey and you really get to know your own body.

If you’re in the Toowong area, and a member of Fitness First I strongly reccommend you hit up Tony or one of his crew at Crux Training for tips and guidance with Olympic lifting or any other personal training enquiries. They also offer remedial massage and further information can be found at their website.

Also Tony if you read this thanks for being an awesome role model and a great inspiration. 


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