The amazing Mr Edwards 

Hey y’all. Been a while since my last post but here I am. Never fear I promise they’re gonna start coming quicker and more regularly (there’s a joke in there somewhere but I’ll keep it clean)

So hey you remember that tv show years ago about a horse and it was called the amazing Mr Ed ?! Yeah will this blog has nothing to do with him at all hehehe.

It’s about an awesome place on Brisbane to grab dinner when you wanna impress someone and not spend too much. I recently had the pleasure of eating at Mr. Edwards. Located on the corner of Edward and Margaret St in Brisbane CBD.

It was a team dinner generously paid for by the company I work for and as soon as we walked through the door we were greeted by Julia who was to be our server for the evening. The lay out was great, with the space cleverly maximised. The theme was well done, remeniscant of an old English ale house with real leather high backed chairs for some of the tables for two and beautiful wood used for all the tables.  The lighting was set very well, not too bright and not too dark.

The menu is amazing with individual beer and wine selections appearing in their own respective menu. The beer list boasted an amazing selection including a great range of rare and popular IPAs, a few of these numbers were my choice of beverage for the evening. 

The food featured on the menu was very classy without a crazy price tag and seemed to provide something for any discerning diner. The ‘special’ for the night was 3 courses for $25 and was amazing value. If select you had the choice of starter, main and a desert from a set special menu.  My friend opted for this and here is a peak at the starter she selcted…

Her main course looked amazing as well and she assured me the taste matched it’s appearance, I didn’t get a shot of it as I was aware I’d started to look like one of those crazy people that has to photograph every bit of food they see (I’m slowly getting there). 

While I was tempted by the 3 course option, looking at the menu I simply could not go past the beef cheek. Slow cooked for 14 hours, I knew it would be amazing and melt in my mouth or I would never come back to this fine looking establishment so I ordered the beef cheek. Before getting stuck into that, our lovely boss had selected some sides for the table including duckfat potatoes, and thick cut chips coated with Parmesan…

The chips were to die for and I had to force my self to stop eating them or I would have struggled to find room for my cheeky number I chose for a main. A short wait and about half way into my second beer the lovely smiley Julia started to deploy our mains. All dishes were presented beautifully and by all account tasted amazing. 

Looking around the table at the mains others had ordered, I hands down believe I chose very wisely. 

The meat absolutely melted in my mouth, it was seasoned to perfection with a beefy flavour that would be hard to beat even with a good old rump steak. 

I make no apology for featuring 3 pics of this amazing dish as it deserves nothing less! Served with perctly mashed potato and a sauce that could only have come from heaven…

This dish was amazing and took the concept of comfort food to a whole other level. Every single element of the dish complemented the next like a well choreographed dance of flavour. 

You Mr. Edwards have outdone yourself. Strongly reccommended for any romantic meals or special celebration.  

4/5 ****/*


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