Putting your best foot forward

I am crazy about fitness and getting a really great work out at an absolute minimum of three times per week.

I am at my happiest when I train six days a week and depending on what is happening with work and home life I manage between four and six work outs per week (admittedly recently it has been four more often than not).

Training keeps my sane, it is the only space in my life currently where I am fully in control and makes me feel empowered and in control.  My first blog spoke to the power BodyAttack and my passion for the program.

BodyAttack can be quite an intense work out and requires a lot of athletic movement.  Every time I step into a studio to do an Attack class I feel like a warrior going into battle and all good warriors make sure they are armed with the right equipment to win.  The most important equipment used in the Attack world are our shoes.  I have always been a Nike boy through and through, I have tried changing it up once or twice moving to some high profile brand competitors over my years but always end up back with what I know best, what makes me comfortable – NIKE.

My current Attack shoes are reaching the end of their life so I went out at the weekend and treated my feet to a new pair of Nike Pegasus Zoom 33’s these babies are the bomb.

I tried on about 12 pairs of other Nikes and when I shop for a new pair I am always sure to run, jump, lunge and move around in the store whike I have both shoes on.  After all how else are you expected to know how they’re gonna feel?!

So there I was flying round the store in the shoes I tried on and the support they gave was great, they really support proper stepping in plyometric movement plus when I landed any jumps, straight or lateral they really softened the impact. All in all impressed

I’ll let you know how they go when I break em in at the weekend.

#getfitordietrying #attackforlife


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