Hash tag – Burgers are life 

So everyone who has a soul loves a really great burger. For a while there it looked like burgers were dead and all we could get was mass produced cardboard posing as a burger. Yes I mean HJs and Macca’s. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate the healing properties of some of these ‘posing as a burger’ options when hung over. I craaaave with a capital ‘C’ the good ol’ Zinger with double bacon and cheese from KFC when hung over. 

However, as a true burger lover it is nothing short of heavenly when you find that ‘burger place’ that fills the hole in your sole. When I grabbed a burger after my Attack class one Saturday at the same shopping centre my gym was in, I went there! Yes, THERE! Actually went to heaven with the burger I ordered at the Burger Co. in Indooroopilly Shopping centre.

They’re double cheeseburger made me INSTANTLY wantto order another. The briosch bun was amazingly fresh with just the right amount of sweetness, the two Angus beef patties sourced from the attached butcher were ground on-site and made into the most juicy and perfectly seasoned patties I had tasted in years. Each party was topped with melted bitey cheese slices, topped with dijonnaise that tasted like the sauce of the gods and finished with house made pickles. 

If you’re looking for a burger place that will make your heart sing, you simply gotta head out to ‘Indro’ and find you way to the lower level across from Coles to eat an amazing burger at the Burger Co. attached to http://burnettmeatco.com.au

4/5 ****/*


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