Hashtag – attackforlife

As I begin my blogging carrier I have a very clear vision for how I want it to appear and what I want readers to take from it.  I want people to want to read it, not only for pleasure but also because they take something from each piece they read.

To start I want to blog one fitness piece, two food pieces(one eating out review and one recipe made with love from my kitchen straight to your table) and finally one ‘favourite’ piece which could be anything from a trendy new product I have recently purchased to some ridiculously priced luxury item I may never be able to afford(you know the type I mean, and yes we can always dream).

So this is my first ever fitness piece and will be followed by many amazing more over the years to come.  We all have a relationship with fitness and like all relationships there is good and not so good.  If you think about a time in your life you reflected on a relationship that forced you to be better than you are and allowed you to bathe in happiness you knew would never leave, you may just be almost close to my love for BodyAttack.

BodyAttack is a 55 minute, sports inspired cardio workout that builds strength and conditioning.  It’s an all over body workout with two cardio peaks, strength and conditioning somewhere in the middle and wraps up your work out with some core strengthening movements then a stretch for parts of the body that worked the most.

That’s the straight forward definition, but speak with any regular BodyAttacker and they will tell you BodyAttack is life.  And to be perfectly honest with you, for me, that is exactly what it is.  I found BodyAttack in a bid to spend more time with someone who had just become very special in my life.  They were a group fitness instructor and personal trainer with a tight schedule,  I would barely raise a sweat twice a week and the only way to spend more precious time with them was to attend their group fitness classes.

The first time “I DIED”… You may laugh, but I actually thought I was dying.  Running, Jumping, doing push ups and intense lunges jumping from one lunge to the next – I didn’t want to embarrass my special friend so I pushed through and made it to the end of the class.

As we all worked through the stretches to some uplifting but gentle music, I slowly floated back to my body and realised I wasn’t dead.  I swore I would never do it again, however I took up a dare to attend three times the following week and I never back down from a dare.

The workout grew on me so quick and after the first week of attending three times, I was already feeling the BodyAttack High.  This may sound crazy but I even started to see results, after just two weeks.  I was converted.  I started looking for as many BodyAttack classes as I could find to attend.

I started pushing myself harder and harder – as hard as I had ever pushed myself before and the results came so quick!  Pretty soon the challenge wasn’t enough and I wanted to achieve something more.  Time flew and I had been solidly attending BodyAttack classes, improving my fitness class by class, for just over a year and decided I was ready.  Almost as if it were meant to be, as soon as I started thinking about doing my initial module training to become an instructor, my special friend mentioned there was an opening to attend the training through a program with the health and fitness company we both worked for – “FItness First”

I attended the training and not long after, I attended the Advance Instructor Module and I can’t imagine life without Attack!

There is more, so much more than this to how BodyAttack not only transformed my life but also continues to save me every year.  But I don’t want to overload you all in my first blog so I’ll wrap up my personal story relating to the program there, at least for this post.

If you are keen on trying something like this fitness class reach out and I can point you in the right direction.  If you think its too much too quick there is an option to do what is known as the ‘smart start’ which is effectively half the class to start with then build from there.

BodyAttack can be found in most majour chain health clubs and if youa re shy but keen to try you can always google it to find a class nearby.  BodyAttack burns an average of just over 700 calories and I guarantee if you attend five times in two weeks you will find space in the program to empower you to make leaps and bounds in progress to your personal fitness journey!


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