Mambo Italiano

Sooooo I know lately I’ve blogged more about food than fitness but let’s face it, you need food to fuel your fitness AND food is life ! I love watching any good cooking show and I’m a self confessed addict of the foodnetwork which is a great channel and website supporting all things good food. […]

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Masters of Marrakesh 

Saturday night I had the pleasure of travelling to another country through food. I know it sounds cliche but the flavours and dishes I enjoyed made me feel as though I was eating in Dubai or some other exotic middle eastern country. I was excited by my good friend to attend her birthday dinner. She […]

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The amazing Mr Edwards 

Hey y’all. Been a while since my last post but here I am. Never fear I promise they’re gonna start coming quicker and more regularly (there’s a joke in there somewhere but I’ll keep it clean) So hey you remember that tv show years ago about a horse and it was called the amazing Mr […]

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Hash tag – Burgers are life 

So everyone who has a soul loves a really great burger. For a while there it looked like burgers were dead and all we could get was mass produced cardboard posing as a burger. Yes I mean HJs and Macca’s.  Now don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate the healing properties of some of these […]

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Hashtag – attackforlife

As I begin my blogging carrier I have a very clear vision for how I want it to appear and what I want readers to take from it.  I want people to want to read it, not only for pleasure but also because they take something from each piece they read. To start I want […]

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